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Applying to one of IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs

To the Field Study and Internship programs (Paris, Strasbourg, Asturias), IFE admits students who are currently enrolled in university, students who have finished their undergraduate degree, and students who are on a leave of absence from a university-level degree program. Students at schools on this list should contact their study abroad office, if they have not done so, before undertaking the application process.

IFE welcomes contact from any student considering an application to one of its programs. As a not-for-profit educational organization IFE takes it as part of its mission to work with students in an advising role, including prior to any commitment on their part to apply to one of IFE’s programs.

Students interested in one of the Field Study and Internship programs may want to think about how flexible they are prepared to be among either the French or the Spanish Language sites. A site other than one’s first choice might be better for placement reasons, or could serve as a back-up in case the first choice program is filled.

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