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The Institute for Field Education (IFE) is a European non profit educational institute which runs semester-long study abroad programs in France, Belgium, and Spain. The foundation of IFE’s work are the Field Study and Internship programs (in Paris, Strasbourg, Brussels, and Asturias) which are built around field research conducted on-site in a full-time internship.

All IFE programs serve the central aim of language fluency and cultural integration. As a Europe-based not-for-profit educational institute, all of IFE’s programs share a focus on inter-cultural education in its truest sense. Working with local partners and networks in France, Belgium, and Spain, IFE has built programs to meet these goals among others.

For questions about the programs, contact:

Paris | Bruxelles | Strasbourg Paris central office
5, rue Saint Nicolas 75012 Paris - France Tél. (331) 43 21 78 07 Fax (331) 42 79 94 13       
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