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What have students accomplished in IFE’s Field Study and Internship programs?

IFE’s FSI programs serve one overall objective: sharpening linguistic and intercultural skills via the classroom, on-the-job experience and field research.

This section of the website delivers a glimpse of how IFE’s FSI programs have served the field-specific needs of students from a variety of disciplines, meeting a wide range of individual academic/professional goals.

Before exploring this section please note these key points:

 At IFE the placement process is highly individualized and is never list-driven. IFE works with each student to define the most appropriate placement strategy and keeps the student informed of process.
 The profiles and lists in this section are provided solely in order to demonstrate the variety of student academic/professional goals which can be accomodated by IFE’s programs.
 The array of host organizations represented in the lists and profiles is far from exhaustive, and new placements are found in France and Belgium each semester in response to student needs.
 IFE is an academic institution and the crux of a placement is the degree of fit between the internship description and the student’s academic goals for the semester at IFE.
 Any of these fields and sub-fields can be treated in any of IFE’s four cities.

To discuss placement options in your field, contact IFE:

Paris | Bruxelles | Strasbourg Paris central office
5, rue Saint Nicolas 75012 Paris - France Tél. (331) 43 21 78 07 Fax (331) 42 79 94 13       
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